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Online Class Instructions

This page is intended for current students

If you are a current student and need an online class link, give us a call and we will email links & class schedule. T

Cell Phone Instructions

Step 1. Download  "Zoom Cloud Meetings" on to whatever device you plan to use for classes. Phone or Desktop

Step 2. Click on the link we sent you for that particular class. ( each class will have it's own link) If the link is not active simply

copy and paste link into browser.

STEP 3.  Your device may ask which program would you like to open the link with?  Choose "Zoom"

Step 4. Enter your fist and last name when prompted by Zoom. This will help us take attendance and mark your cards.

Step 5. Once you join the class, first click  "Call Via Device Audio". Should be in the bottom left corner of screen. This will allow you to hear the class.

Step 6.  Click the "Start Video " button. Should be 2nd from left bottom of screen.

This will allow us to see you and give you details and or correction during class. 

Step  7. Swipe screen left so you can see gallery view of all screens. Then dbl tap on classroom screen, this will "Pin" the classroom view so your screen will not change when someone talks. ( whenever some on the class talks the view will change to their screen)

***** helpful things to know*******

A.  You will automatically be muted when you join class. Once you enable to audio (step 5) You can hear us but we won't hear you. Only we can unmute you

B. The "More button" will give you access to "raise your hand" or "Clap" or "Thumbs up".  If you have a question use the "raise your hand" feature. We can see it on our end and will unmute you to answer your question.

C. You can also send us a message and it will appear on our end.

watch the video for more

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