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Paul Reyes

Owner / Master Instructor

Starting his training by the age of 9 Mr Reyes has studied all aspects of self defense; ground, stand up and weapons and has developed a well rounded background in the martial arts. In 1992 he finished 3rd in the US TKD Championships (USTU) and qualified for US Olympic Team Trials where he finished 4th. By 1990 Mr Reyes was managing one of the largest martial art schools in the united states. With a student body of 500 this Reno school was the 3rd largest in the US at that time. With the guidance of nationally recognized instructors Tom Callos and Ernie Reyes, Paul has accumulated over 25 years of experience running professional martial art schools.

In 2002 Paul sold his school and played music professionally. After getting airplay in over 26 states and two record deals, he decided to get back to his martial arts and in Oct 2010 he opened 360 Martial Arts with Wes Chewjalearn and Aaron Levine.


- 5 year Western United States TKD Champion (USTU)

- 5 year member of Nevada State TKD Team (USTU)

- Bronze medal, 1992 United States National Championships - Hampton Virginia (USTU)

- Bronze medal, 1992 US Olympic Trials - Colorado Springs, Colorado (USTU)

- 1993 Invitation to world games, Madison Square Gardens, New York (USTU)

- 39 years of martial arts training

- 27 years of professional teaching experience

- 6th degree black belt under Ernie Reyes & Tom Callos



Escalante Reyes             -Boxing

Gil Kim                          -Tae Kwon Do

Steve Thistle                  -Wrestling

Tom Callos                     -Martial Arts (mixed)

Ernie Reyes                    -Martial Arts(mixed)

Frank Cucci                    -BJJ, Muay Thai, Kali

Charles Gracie/ Grate      -BJJ

Alex Garcia                     -BJJ

Alex Gong                      -Muay Thai

Sifu Ming                       -Chinese Wushu


Other Training & Seminars

Royce Gracie                 -BJJ

MIke Swain                   - Judo

Dan Inosanto                -Kali

Fumio Demura              - Shito Ryo Karate

Cesar Gracie                 -BJJ

Troy Dorsey                  -Kickboxing

Chuck Liddell                -MMA

BJ Penn                       -MMA

Wally Jay                     -Small Circle Jiu JItsu

Frank Shamrock           -MMA

George Dillman            -Kempo

Tiger Muay Thai           - Muay Thai - Phuket, Thailand

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